Lesson Program

At Highwood Acres we make horse care and horsemanship a part of the lessons. Learning this is a great way for children & teenagers to learn responsibility and discipline. If you have any fear with horses or riding we have a good step by step solution for you. This is not a show barn so it is a relaxed environment where we develop great bonds with our  horses.

In English riding we focus on Dressage, Jumping and Games. In Western riding we focus in Barrel Racing, Gymkhana and Trail. In Natural Horsemanship we offer ground work to build a bond with the horse and work up to bareback and bridleless riding. We incorporate Natural Horsemanship into all disciplines to have a higher communication with the horses.


Half Hour: $35

Full Hour: $50

Lesson Packages available, save $5 per lesson.

Also recieve $5 off each lesson if you board your horse or pony at our barn.

***NEW STUDENTS - Buy your first lesson and get a 2nd lesson for free!***

Meet the Lesson Horses

Versace - Confidence Builder

Versace's laid back and honest attitude make him easy for first timers. He loves people and will follow you around like puppy when he's loose. He's a goofy horse, doing things like sleeping with his tongue hanging out of his mouth.

Rusty - Big Hearted

Not only is he very athletic but he is honest & brave. Rusty really just wants to please his rider and is always ready for your next cue. Everyone seems to fall in love with him and he loves them just as much back.

Peyote - Smooth Ride

Peyote's trot has no bounce. He's smooth and seems to glide around the arena whether you are doing circles or bending poles. He is a light ride despite his large size and very big head.

Spunky - Seasoned Barrel Horse

Spunky is a seasoned barrel horse who is calm and lazy enough to show intermediate riders the next stage of barrel racing. Even with being so laid back he still has the speed and skill to go out there and win.

Deuce - Retired Senior

Deuce lived a long 40 years doing everything you could think of. He was a great lesson horse in the later years of his life. He taught many children and grand children how to ride and care for horses and creatures of all kinds. He will surely be missed and will forever remain in our hearts. Run free our friend.